Man plays guitar on the roof of his car in a sepia photograph

"Take care of all of your memories

 for you cannot relive them."

-Bob Dylan



My name is Sara Lindsay and I am the founder of Ruby Reid. At the beginning

of the Covid-19 pandemic, my dad passed away due to  a ruthless lung disease. In the throes of grief, I found myself wrapped in a blanket of memories of him, my family, and everything nostalgic. I couldn't go one day without a reminder of him stopping me in my tracks, which I am eternally grateful for. My memories were all that were left to feel closer to my dad, and each one

is a gift that keeps him near.

I realized how profoundly important it is to be able to recall our cherished life experiences with those we love, because our memories are what connect us forever. Aroma has such a powerful way of taking us back, to a place in time, in an instant. As  a small business owner, I was faced with the difficult reality that

I had to temporarily close and reimagine my makeup studio because of operating restrictions due to the pandemic.


Weeks later my dad passed and I needed something to pour myself and my heart into. I've always loved candles and aroma so I started to learn about making them and a new passion was born. It almost felt like candle-making found me.

Unaware that I was actually searching for reprieve from the heaviness of grief and my uncertain future, Ruby Reid was born.

Ruby is my daughter's name and Reid is my father's middle name. Ruby Reid represents a cathartic journey not only through my grief but of embracing the memories that connect me to everyone and everything I hold dear and have helped to shape my life. Ruby Reid candles are hand-poured with intention and purpose and my hope is that they will connect you to your own memories

as you create them through a life well lived.

Sara Lindsay- Founder

Ruby Reid Gardenia, Peony, Hyacinth candle with a harmonica and vinyl record